About Us

Launceston School for Seniors was established in July 1981 with the following statement of purpose :-

“The concept of School for Seniors is to offer over 50’s some challenging educative activities which will provide them with social, educational, physical and spiritual momentum for this very important part of their life”

More than 40 years later the school continues to provide over 50’s from the Launceston region the very same concept.

Launceston School for Seniors is a voluntary, not for profit, charitable organisation conducting classes and activities on a wide range of subjects that members can participate in at their own pace.

All classes are organised and conducted by members of the school on a voluntary basis. Currently there are over 70 classes conducted each week, the majority at 8 High Street.

Social inclusion is a very important function of the school which is facilitated by operating mainly at one location where members can take advantage of several courses.
Covid restrictions have compelled us to secure other locations for larger classes.

The buildings at 8 High Street are leased from The Department of Education.  Management of the school is in the hands of a committee consisting of an Executive (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and 11 members. There is only one, part time, employee attending to administration. Launceston School for Seniors is funded by members registration fees and receives no financial help from Government or other institutions.