Launceston School for Seniors

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This is the School Bumper Sticker that is available from the Office for only $2

              Please feel free to download a copy of our Term 1, 2017 Syllabus by clicking on the ‘Term 1 Syllabus’  link, enrolment forms are available from the Office. You can also listen to the ‘Schools Out’ programs that the School have recorded by clicking on the ‘City Park Radio’ link. Included are tracks from ‘The City Park Radio Request Marathon’ that was compered by Gavin Dawson back in the early 2000s.You can view our latest newsletter, a preview of an exciting new Term 1 Course, Classic Movies, Term 1 2017,our Award winning Knitting Circle! by clicking on ‘News’  and our latest Life Members, plus ‘Classic Movies’, ‘Bus Trips’, ‘Picnics’, Bruce Penn, The Ukulele Group,   Enrolment Day Term 3, 2016, Art Classes’ creations, a visit by COTA, also a look at our Annual Luncheon at the AIC held on the 24th. November in ‘Gallery’.

 Check our ‘About Us’ link which has been updated with ‘Important Dates for 2017’ stories about some of our classes , our ‘Links’ link and our ‘Contact us’ link.

Look in ‘Gallery’ for the latest on our ‘Classic Movies’ sessions at the School in Room 4 each Wednesday of Term commencing at 1pm